Legal framework

The Sixth State Reform redesigned the security architecture in the Brussels Region. The reform has mainly resulted in significant responsibilities in terms of prevention and security being entrusted to the Brussels Region, without impacting the competences and prerogatives of the different levels of power (federal or local).

The reform also resulted in the abolition of the position of Governor of the Administrative District of Brussels-Capital, and its replacement with a “Senior Official”, as well as the establishment of increased coordination between the various parties active in security in Brussels.

In order to assume these new powers, the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region decided to create a new Public Interest Organisation (PPO) called: The creation of is intended to enable the management of security in Brussels to be organised in a centralised cross-disciplinary manner and to enable a regional security policy to be developed.

Its specific competences are

  • 1° Exercising the powers referred to in Articles 128 and 129 of the provincial law, as well as the powers which, in specific laws, are attributed to the provincial governor, unless otherwise provided in these specific laws;
  • 2° Coordinating security policies and, in this context, ensuring and coordinating the monitoring and recording of crime;
  • 3° Drawing up the regional security plan, referred to in Article 37bis of the Law of 7 December 1998 establishing an integrated police service, structured on two levels;
  • 4° Exercising oversight over police zone budgets;
  • 5° Encouraging the pooling of administrative services in police zones and the use of the central procurement office for the purchasing of equipment;
  • 6° Coordinating prevention policies;
  • 7° Proposing a text to harmonise police regulations, in accordance with the specific characteristics of the municipalities”.

Legal texts

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