Security in Brussels

Following the Sixth State Reform, the powers previously exercised by the Governors of the other provinces are now exercised by the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region and the Senior Official. In this context, there are two types of powers: those relating to the need to guarantee public order, which are the responsibility of the Minister-President, while the Senior Official oversees civil protection in close cooperation with the parties active in emergency planning.

Public Security

Learn about the security measures implemented by the Brussels Region.

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Emergency planning

The emergency planning unit helps coordinate emergency services in the Brussels Region in the event of a crisis, including fires, floods, etc.

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Risk and crisis management

In the event of an emergency, all parties active in the prevention and security chain deploy their human and material resources in order to manage the situation in an optimal manner.

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Appels d'urgences

En Belgique, il existe deux grands numéros d'urgence :

Tous les numéros d’appels d’urgence

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